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With .tel, you can quickly create your own space on the internet and make it the most relevant web resource about you, following these simple rules:

Make search engines find your .tel  and revisit it often

Get your .tel indexed by search engines and update it regularly to be considered an active and relevant resource.

Publish useful content so that people choose your .tel

Always ask yourself: is what I publish useful to visitors? What do they expect to find on my page?
Create a diverse and dynamic resource, add links to your recent posts or events announcements so that visitors will want to return to your page and share it with their friends.

Promote your .tel using latest tools and networks

Link to your .tel page from your news Twitter stream, social network profiles, blog and forum posts. Search engines value links from popular networks and traffic from online communities. Equally, link from your .tel page to networks and services to raise its relevance in search results. The more points of presence you link to, the better.

Keep up the good work

Be patient and allow your project time to grow as search engines take the age of the domain into account. In any case, if you continue improving and updating your .tel page regularly with genuine content, you should start to see an increase in search rankings.

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